Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today we have learned three things:

1) If you let yourself believe that, as the past week or so has been beautiful and sunny with little wind, it’s finally safe/warm enough to wear a dress without the weather freaking out on you, it will be overcast, hot/muggy, and windy the day you wear it. (The Weather Underground – the weather service, not the terrorist organization – says it’s currently 72 degrees and clear skies. The Weather Underground lies)

2) If you are systematically going through a bunch of old files, shredding the papers with personal information on it, and throwing everything else in the recycling dumpster, it is not more efficient to fill your trash box up all the way with paper and using the dolly to cart it out instead of filling the box halfway and carrying it. This is especially true if it is windy outside.

3) You look quite stupid yelling at pieces of paper while you chase them around a parking lot.

(But on the whole, it’s been a good day.)

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