Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Tale of Little Henry, the Unusual Elephant

I was looking through old files on my computer and came across this old children’s story I wrote in about, oh, ‘ought seven or sometime. I decided I would repost it here, for fun’s sake. Some of the writing's a little stilted, but it was two year ago. You will notice that it is inspiring.

And don't say anything mean. It's kind of like my ugly but gifted child.

The Tale of Little Henry, the Unusual Elephant

Little Henry the elephant was a very happy little elephant. He lived in a tropical paradise resplendent with all sorts of beautiful foliage. Little Henry the elephant was a nomadic creature, and would travel along the river while the big yellow moon smiled down at him.

Little Henry the elephant was a very unusual little elephant. Rather than being covered with gray all over, Little Henry was blue, and had red on the inside of his ears and purple tusks and toes. Little Henry was blissfully unaware of his abnormal appearance, as he had never met any other elephants before. He didn’t even know that other elephants existed! He just continued traveling along the river, with the big yellow moon smiling down on him.

Little Henry the elephant traveled to places he had never ever been to meet animals he had never ever seen. One day, Little Henry’s journey brought him to a clearing filled with a herd of elephants. Their sudden appearance shocked Little Henry. Why, he was unaware that any other elephants existed. Furthermore, the new elephants looked altogether different from Little Henry. They were gray all over, and their tusks were white, not purple. Despite their differences, Little Henry attempted to become friends with the new elephants. The new elephants would have none of it; Little Henry was too unique. They called him a freak and sent him on his way.

Little Henry the elephant was a very lonely little elephant. After all, who wants to be friends with a blue and red and purple elephant? Little Henry was contemplating his eventual fate – a life doomed to wandering by the river, sad and alone – when he heard a cry for help. Little Henry went to investigate. In some sort of freak accident, a baby elephant was trapped under a large boulder! None of the “normal” elephants were strong enough to lift it. The big yellow moon smiled down as they stood helplessly by, watching their young companion undergo a long and painful death by squishing

Little Henry the elephant was a very strong little elephant, although his name and physique would suggest otherwise. He knew he would be able to lift the boulder and save the young gray elephant. Little Henry’s thoughts did not turn to how the other elephants had wronged him. It was focused solely on the baby who needed help.

Little Henry the elephant became a very heroic little elephant. With all of his strength, he hoisted the boulder over his head, freeing Baby Elephant! All the normal elephants cheered Little Henry. They forgot their differences and accepted him. Little Henry the elephant had a family at last. He was blissfully happy as the big yellow moon smiled down.

Unfortunately, the boulder grew too heavy for Little Henry, and came tumbling down, killing him instantly.

The End


  1. As I have previously told you this story is both marvelous and disturbing. It's like the story of the guy who . . . never-mind.

  2. Ah, the power of the postmodern ethos of irony.