Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This isn't as interesting outside my head.

That won't be a problem, as I'm the only one who reads it...

My roommate knows me too well. This is a conversation we had about three minutes ago:

EMILY: haha. Okay, you have to see this.
ALISON: meh. I have the computer on me.
EMILY: It's got baby animals!
And I was there for less than a second, for this lovely picture:

(Baby platypuses/platypi/? look like puggles with a duck bills.)

This made me realize the power baby animals have over me. I fear the following scenarios:
1) Want to go into the sewer/sinister cave/serial killer's death freezer with me? There will be kittens!
2) Don't mind this evil dictator intent on taking over the world. He has a baby turtle/donkey/gosling!
3) If you kill a man for me, I will give you a baby giraffe/zebra/panda.

I'm sure there are more examples I could think up, but right now my brain isn't working. I think I'm going to post some baby animal pictures. Because I have the same mind as a twelve year old girl.


  1. I remember reading once, BITD, that every mammal feels affinity for the young of any other mammal.
    It's a mammal thing.

  2. Yes. I hear it's to stop us from killing our young or something.