Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Post-procrastination blog. Not funny. You can ignore this one as well.

I finished my paper a couple of hours ago. It's in Interview Talk Show Format. Not very creative (I'm pretty sure about 75% of my class is doing it this way) but it works. I'm not going to post the entire thing here, due to it getting very long and dry and about theories and stuff (which I personally find fascinating, but I am a "nerd"). But here's the first part, which is kind of funny, maybe.

BB: Hello, and welcome to “That Sounds Interesting!”, America’s eleventh most popular talk show! I’m your host, Bernice Barnes. Today, we will be discussing the topic of Body Modification. This will be a very special show, as all of our guests will be joining us from beyond the grave! Please welcome sociologists, Jean Baudrillard…

JB: Hello.

BB: … Michel Foucault…

MF: [nods]

BB: … and George Herbert Mead.

GM: Happy to be here, Bernice.

It's the "beyond the grave" part that just tickles me. In my mind, the talk show host is that squeaky woman from Office Space. "Corporate Accounts Payable, Nina Speaking. Just a moment."

Yeah, like that.

Well, my neighbor has finished yelling at her ex-boyfriend on the phone and is now readjusting those large wooden letters that hang on her side of the wall we share. (I'm assuming her initials, but I cannot remember what they are right now. I only ever see them when I'm walking to my room and their door is open.) Soothing sounds - like the mice crawling through the walls at home. Must be sleepytime.

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