Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Farewell (kind of) to Blogging

I haven’t been blogging as much since my school let off for summer.

There are much less obligations during the summertime. While I have tried very hard to find a job, no one seems to want to hire a mostly-unskilled kid, just off her first year of college, for a couple of months during a recession. Go figure. I have access to a TV with DVD player, DVR, and the like, which shuts down productivity greatly. I have the ability to sleep late every day. If I ask a friend if they want to do something, they probably won’t have class. I can go to the library pretty much whenever and I actually have time to read. While I do have a card for the public library in my college town, the several-mile walk is much less appealing in several feet of snow. I only checked out books from the public once during my last school year and I didn’t have time to read half of them. Now and again I would go to the much closer Barnes and Noble after class and read for an hour or so, and on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I had a two-hour break in the morning where I could get breakfast and read, but that’s about it.

Now it’s summertime. I’m reading, watching TV, reuniting with high-school “besties,” etc. I don’t really blog anymore. I’m not reading as much news, finding humorous things on the internet, finding stupid little angsty things to complain about (and promptly delete), or anything of the nature. Earlier today, I started a post about how I have nothing to write – it’s come to that. (I didn’t end up publishing it – while it seemed clever in my head, I couldn’t really put it into words.)

During schooltime, I have free time where I can’t do anything. So I blog. I’m at work and no one has any projects for me. So, while I sit waiting for the phone to ring, I blog. I’m in my dorm room in the middle of the day, there’s nothing good on TV, and my friends all have class. So I blog.

In my first blog post here, I said that I “shall probably grow bored of it within the next few weeks and abandon it for months,” and that I tend to go through little phases of things I like to do. I feel this phase coming to an end, for the summer months at least. I will not abandon it completely, I don’t think. For one thing, I have another 18 days until I report my “25 Most Played Songs” on iTunes thing (see the first part of my last post). And I probably will start blogging again during my next school year. But for now, I think this could very well be (for the most part) goodbye.

Now that I’ve actually said that, I’ll probably start getting very inspired.

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