Tuesday, June 2, 2009

catchy title

Hello friends,

So my dad sent in a "blurb" about me to Creekside Covenant Church in Redmond, WA, along with the ones about the rest of my family. He mentioned the URL to my blog in mine. Now it's likely that my view count will go up within the next week or so. I added a view counter! It has three hits, all of which are me. Let's see how it goes up.

Though I gave my father permission to give out my URL, I'm a bit worried, as my blog peaked in April. Since then, I have been writing about things that randomly run through my mind, usually late at night while I'm trying to sleep. Things I write then are not quite as funny as I think they are. So, Stranger, if you're reading this, I apologize. My dad said I was "witty", I think, but I'm thinking he's a little bit biased.

I'm very muchly looking forward to my upcoming trip to the greater Seattle area. I have my answers all practiced:
"Hi, I'm Alison."
"Nice to meet you too"
"Northern Arizona University"
"I'm double majoring in Sociology and Psychology"
"Yeah, I really like it a lot."

Fun! (And I do not mean that sarcastically. I'm not generally one for sarcasm, really.)

On a side note, Joann and Zack and I are making Shu Mai. Here are pictures:



  1. Well, I got the link to your blog from your dad this morning at 6:30 am, and whaddya know, here I am. Based on your post last night, I see I am very predictable! My favorite post so far is Thoughts from under a twin-sized bed. (I knew you were curious.) I SERIOUSLY can't wait to meet you!! See you soon, Alison! - Becky

  2. LOL! Like Becky, I too had to check out your blog after reading the profile info for Creekside.
    I'm looking forward to meeting you and your family.
    Your Shu Mai looks awesome! If you get a hankering for Dim Sum when you're in town let me know - It would be fun to share our favorite places with you.

    Hope you got into one of your top 3 picks for dorms!
    -Heather Wong