Monday, June 15, 2009

Four things of little interest

I have reset my iTunes playcount today and deleted my 25 Most Played playlist. In a month's time, I plan to recreate my 25 Most Played playlist and see what happens. Fun/Exciting.

I've been watching this over and over today. It's not exactly new, but it makes me laugh. I know people passing out isn't supposed to be funny, and I probably wouldn't laugh as much if my family - specifically, my mom - didn't do such a spot-on imitation of the guy. I personally start my compulsive giggling at about 15 seconds seconds in. "Now, pause it. Imma pass out." "...okay."

However, I find the comments on this video to be redundant/annoying. There's always at least one smart person who says something like "Glen Beck always makes me pass out." Hahaha. How very original/delightful.
(That's my attempt at sarcasm. I'm not very good at it)

I've also been getting into Espirit Cabane lately. It's cool look at, and I've copied their Fairy Lights idea. If I only had some real talent at crafty things, I would do more. As it is, I have aspirations of making earrings out of milk.

Finally, in my last blog, each little paragraph was less than 140 characters. Someone told me that that wasn't obvious. I thought it was clever.

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