Sunday, June 14, 2009

Twelve Tweets

About 1 1/2 years ago I started liking this band. I became their friend on MySpace so I could see if they would tour in California anytime.

I came to realize that they sort of bother me. About 80% of the jokes they make aren't funny and their fanbase is mostly "tweenage" girls.

But still, their music isn't bad. A few of their songs have gotten criticism, but their next album has potential for magnificent growth.

I follow them on Twitter. I tend to follow people like crazy, though I've recently deleted the more boring/self-righteous people.

At first, they really struggled to fit within the 140 character limit. They used abbreviations and squished sentences together.

They started using TwitLonger ( This was the first time I had seen this service. (140 characters isn't enough!)

This service is unnecessary. If you can't fit within 140 characters, streamline it. You don't have to tweet about everything or elaborate.

If you can't do that, don't use twitter. Stick to Facebook. So I summed up my thoughts on this in 40 characters:

Pretty sure "twitlonger" is for pansies.

I was done with it until TwitLonger itself replied: "hmm. Interesting theory ;)."

Now I'm embarrassed and faced with a dilemma: Do I respond? I don't think I will. Something tells me they've already moved on.

So sorry TwitLonger. Your ideas are for pansies, but you're people too.

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