Sunday, July 26, 2009

Regarding numbers, mostly.

So it has come to my attention that in the 56 days since I have added my counter, I have had 408 views of my blog. That's approximately 51 hits a week. So while I'm pretty sure that most of the "views" of my blog belong to spambots and myself, it's still more than my little heart dreamed of and I am glad to have it.

Incidentally, in the 56 since I have added my view counter and gotten 408 hits (most of which belong to spambots and myself), I've also gotten 3 comments - or approximately 3/8 of a comment per week.

This number seems remarkably low for the number of views I have been "getting."

It's like one in every one hundred thirty-sixth viewer (including myself and spambots) feels obliged to say something.

I don't care all too much if anyone comments. I don't write the type of thing that requires commenting at all. I think I'm quite boring and tend to get a little embarrassed whenever I find out someone reads my blog.

I just find it interesting.
56 days. 408* hits. 3 comments.
I'm just saying.

*(most of which belong to spambots and myself)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Want to see something really lame?

So I tend to go to the release parties for the Harry Potter books and the midnight premiere of the Harry Potter movies.

I was going to add "because I'm a total nerd" to that, but Harry Potter is very mainstream and, while a tad nerdy, is not unusual in the slightest.

Anyway, there is much less to do at the movie than at the book release. So we play board games. Every time a new one comes out, actually, we play Clue. However, this year we found ourselves without a working clue game. I still have the board from my youth, but we didn't have cards.

So I made some:

They are not quite done yet, as I still need to color in the room and weapon cards.

I also made some of them note-taking sheets, which turned out looking like nutritional fact sheets:

The part I had the most problem with was how to draw the revolver. It came to my attention that I have never drawn a gun before. After several failed attempts, I looked up how to draw a gun on the Internet. Most of the hits were about actually drawing guns, like in Old West Shoot Out scenarios. I would be pleased (as punch) if I never had to know how to do that.

I did happen upon this cute little tutorial, which caters to children:

to CHILDREN, man.
In the end, I went with:

Monday, July 6, 2009


As we're moving and all, I have been going through drawers and boxes and the like in my room and finding things that bring nostalgic smiles to my face.

For example, here is a promissory note I wrote and made Leah sign, when I leant her $25 to buy an Avenue Q t-shirt that time Avenue Q came to town. She really wanted to get the shirt and I really did not want to lend out my money as there have been several occasions where I did not get paid back. After some pressure from some parents, I relented. Before I gave her the money, she had to sign this:

I hereby pledge to return Alison's twenty-five dollars - borrowed this 21st day of July, 2007 - at the very first chance I get. If I ever get a job, my first paycheck will pay Alison back. If I ever get money as a gift, it will be used to pay Alison back. I will not buy anything else until I pay Alison back, unless I still have at least $25 after the purchase, with which I will pay Alison back.


It tickles me for some reason, though I can see why you crazy kids won't find it funny.
But I don't want to keep the note.
So I'm posting it here and throwing the original away.