Sunday, July 12, 2009

Want to see something really lame?

So I tend to go to the release parties for the Harry Potter books and the midnight premiere of the Harry Potter movies.

I was going to add "because I'm a total nerd" to that, but Harry Potter is very mainstream and, while a tad nerdy, is not unusual in the slightest.

Anyway, there is much less to do at the movie than at the book release. So we play board games. Every time a new one comes out, actually, we play Clue. However, this year we found ourselves without a working clue game. I still have the board from my youth, but we didn't have cards.

So I made some:

They are not quite done yet, as I still need to color in the room and weapon cards.

I also made some of them note-taking sheets, which turned out looking like nutritional fact sheets:

The part I had the most problem with was how to draw the revolver. It came to my attention that I have never drawn a gun before. After several failed attempts, I looked up how to draw a gun on the Internet. Most of the hits were about actually drawing guns, like in Old West Shoot Out scenarios. I would be pleased (as punch) if I never had to know how to do that.

I did happen upon this cute little tutorial, which caters to children:

to CHILDREN, man.
In the end, I went with:

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