Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Asian Foods

Winter break, winter break, winter break. The first few weeks of my break were spent in good old rainy Washington with my lovely family. In this second part of my break I am in good old sunny Escondido. Washington’s rain is nice in short bursts. I like the occasional rainy day. But man oh man I love me some sunshine. That is why Flagstaff is pretty awesome. It is very sunny there. Quite nice. Although the weather here is not quite wintery. For example, it will be 70 degrees tomorrow and it will be awesome. I like this whole winter snow thing, but a 10-day break of summer in the midst of the rain and the snow is nice. VITAMIN D.

Anyway, this side of my winter break has been filled with Asian food. Delicious. Shui Mai, Soup, Panda Express, Instant Seaweed Soup, Instant Miso Soup. The latter two are coming back to Flagstaff with me and it will be glorious I tell you. The shui mai is actually being spread over two days. Yesterday we mixed and folded all the shui mai, made 10 (2 per person) and froze the rest. We had to stop early because people had to go home. So we will make the rest of them on Friday.

And, AND I am eating Miso Soup right now. At this very moment.

These are all very fascinating facts that you are interested in, I’m sure.

All this Asian food concerns me, as I will miss it while I am in Flagstaff. “Is there,” I wondered, “an Asian food store in Flagstaff?” Yes, yes there is. It is but a 15 minute walk (or 3 minute drive) from my dorm. Tasty/Convenient.

284 words later and I’ve successfully said nothing about anything except for that there’s Lee’s Oriental Market in Flagstaff where I can buy shui mai skins and instant miso soup and the like. A bit boring, really, but at least I’ve updated my blog. Now you can stop bugging me about it. You know who you are. :)

Four days and I’ll be in Flagstaff. What fun. I'm excited.

HERE IS AN UPDATE from the 11th of January. It's come to my attention that that Oriental Market no longer exits. This is sad, but we can work through it. Thanks to Alida for finding out and letting me know.


  1. Wait, there's an Oriental Market in Flagstaff? Where?!

  2. It's Lee's Oriental Market, at 204 E Route 66
    A couple blocks east of the Amtrak station. According to Google.