Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Talking about lent and plants and good old Marky Mark.

My mother and my father and my friend Nikki and I have all given up all beverages except for plain water for lent, so I am going to blame my current absent-mindedness and/or flightiness on that. Even though it has only been about 22 hours since my last non-water beverage. (I finished my fuji apple pear lifewater at 11:59:45 pm on Mardi Gras, which greatly pleases me for some reason.) It hasn’t been that hard yet, even though I bought a lunchable for lunch and it came with a Capri Sun, which I couldn’t drink. That was a rather awkward situation, which made both Mr. Capri Sun and me rather sad.

Please note the sad faces.

Right now I am doing one of my many many many Humanities journals that I pretty much constantly have due. It’s not difficult in the slightest, and I tend to do fantastic on them because I am awesome, probably, and also they are very easy. But instead of concentrating on Japanese immigration to America, I just keep thinking about how plants are probably The Enemy.

This is what you get when you google “angry plant.”

Think about it. If we all died and decomposed, we’d be lovely fertilizer. The plants are rooting for it, because plants are evil.

And yes, I have seen the Happening and I am not taking any inspiration from it.

Because it is not a good movie, but it also is not so bad as to be hilarious. Mostly it just exists.

I just looked up the Happening on Rotten Tomatoes. (18% fresh, by the way.) My favorite review is this:

Shyamalan's religious ideas are a lot like [George W.] Bush's: Nearly theology free.” Lori Hoffman, Atlantic City Weekly

AW SNAP, Lori Hoffman! Bashing Bush in a review for a movie that has nothing to do with Bush. I didn’t much care for him myself, but still. 2008 was a simpler time.

(I don't think Shyamalan has made many good movies in the past decade, but man oh man I am excited for The Last Airbender.)

Also, while I’m still talking about The Happening, Marky Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel might probably have beautiful children. We should make that happen.

I’m not trying to be that creepy.

I was looking for pictures to use on to support my “they would have beautiful children” idea, but I found this picture and I stopped. I have newfound respect for Marky Mark Wahlberg.

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