Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy International Al(l)ison Appreciation Day!!

Several weeks ago I wrote "National Appreciate Alison Day" on Nikki and Kristen's whiteboard calendar. I put it on Tuesday, April 13 because I tend to hang out with them on Tuesdays and they had nothing else on the calendar on that day.
I then proceeded to forget about it until Kristen reminded me of it the night before:

And today I woke up to National Appreciate Alison Day. In our first class together today, Nikki gave me a lovely card that she and Kristen had created. While we were waiting for our professor to arrive Nikki proceeded to text the other Al(l)isons she knows. And so did I. You see, National Appreciate Alison Day is not a shameless attempt to receive complements! Well, it sort of is. But if people can create "Hug a Tall Person" sort of days, then why can't Al(l)isons around the world be appreciated? 

This holiday has since morphed from National Appreciate Alison Day into International Al(l)ison Appreciation Day.

And it's not too late. Surely your life has been touched by some Al(l)ison or another. At the very least, you can listen to "Alison" by Elvis Costello over and over. 

So quickly, go appreciate any Al(l)ison, be it man, woman, or child. (Though I'd pay special attention to the men named Alison; that's got to be hard.)

For it is 
International Al(l)ison Appreciation Day!

(Also, if anyone is interested, International Nikki Appreciation Day falls annually on October 13, while International Kristen Appreciation Day falls on November 13.)


  1. First of all: Happy Alison Appreciation Day. I am glad you designed a day in which I can appreciate you, my beautiful sister! :)

    Secondly, how did you post a Facebook conversation into your blog? This techno-saaviness is beyond my level of expertise.

  2. I am sorry I missed it -- guess I need to sign up for the Alison-Alison-Alison RSS feed. Anyway, belated Alison appreciation day.