Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let's Watch a Disney Channel Movie

I don't watch Disney channel very much anymore. But I loved it like mad back in the day, so any time a Disney Channel Original Movie from '98-'03 (ish) comes on I will watch it and I will love it. Luckily, this weekend has had several (several!) movies from that era shown. Alley Cat Strike. Cadet Kelly. The Thirteenth Year. ETC.

One thing I've noticed about Disney Channel Original Movies these day is that they changed the opening to a series of film clips over some rockin' music. This is disappointing, as the previous opener was a bunch of photogenic tweens dressed in some weird early-oughts fashions dancing in and around some blue computer generated film strip. In the background was a song with the lyrics: Let's Watch a Disney Channel Movie/ Let's Watch a Disney Channel Movie/ We're Gonna Watch A Disney Channel Movie/ Let's Watch a Disney Channel Movie.
It was awesome and creative and they have no business changing it.

Right now I'm watching the Thirteenth Year. Which, as we all know, is about a kid who is the son of a mermaid and begins turning into one when he turns 13. What I like about it is the synopsis given to it by the cable company (or whoever makes these synopses.): A boy seems to be turning into a fish.
That's movie gold.

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  1. I can not for the life of me remember the dancing tweens. But I definitely remember the jingle. Doo do DOO do.