Thursday, July 15, 2010

R.I.P. MySpace

Today I deleted my MySpace. I had to jump through many, many figurative hoops to do it.
Alison: Cancel my account
MySpace: Are you sure? Why? You're still sure? You know this is permanent, right? Ok, we'll send you an email. Are you sure? Really? Fine, you're deleted. I hope you're happy on Facebook. Jerk.

I haven't been on it in several months, but I kept putting off because I have a lot of pictures on there that I wanted to delete, lest they disappear forever. Tonight I finally got around to downloading them and am now free from my MySpace chains.

I found one thing that was unexpected. They added a view counter to the pictures, so you can see how many people viewed the picture since January of 2009. Most of mine averaged at about 5-10 views each.  Except for this one:
5510 Views. My next highest was 40.
I think this is because it was my profile picture for quite a while and also my friend Natalie, pictured in this with me, has a bit more profile traffic than me. I'm guessing.

One thing I will miss about MySpace, sort of, is the ability to fill out stupid surveys that no one will really care about. And post them in bulletin form many times a day.

And so: 

Taken from, as none of my MySpace friends seem to be active anymore. Excluding bands and the like.
(This one is titled "Super Duper Random")

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