Monday, August 23, 2010

Mad Mix

I have two true loves in this world: post-apocalyptic scenarios and making compilation CDs. (That claim is not exactly true, but let's not ruin this post by being correct.) So it only stand to reason that I would make a post-apocalyptic mix CD. I thought this was an incredibly clever/cool idea until I looked it up and found that these sort of things are very common. But I decided to press on. Most of the apocalyptic-type music out there is either experimental post-rock or late 60s/early 70s protest-y kinds of songs, so I stay away from these for the most part.

Before I get into what's actually on the compilation, let's discuss titles. I originally was thinking "Apocalypse Wow." Yes, Apocalypse Now isn't an apocalyptic movie. I mostly just chose it because of the word "apocalypse." But apparently there's a band called Apocalypse WOW! (including the capitalization and punctuation) so that's out. Also, since I'm kind of avoiding the protest-hippie vibe, naming my mix after a Vietnam movie might ruin that for me.

My previous roommate Chelsea suggested "Mad Mix," after (of course) Mad Max. (I say previous roommate instead of ex-roommate, as the ex- suggests that we parted on bad terms, while I actually still quite like her.) I love Mad Mix. I think it's brilliant. But many of the songs I chose are more futuristic than apocalyptic and I kept thinking of the different styles as parts, so I ended up going with the rather long winded title that first crossed my mind when I started compiling this CD:

In the Future We Will All Be Dead: A Mix CD in Seven Parts
Part I: Death By Robot
1. Citizens of Tomorrow by Tokyo Police Club
2. Robots by Flight of the Conchords
(This song is about humans all dying by the year 2000. The previous song is about the humans race enslaved by machines in the year 2009.)
3. The Robots by KRAFTWERK
(Good old fashioned 1970s electronica from the point of view of Robots.)

Part II: Death By Zombie
4. They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! Ahhhhh! by Sufjan Stevens.
(There is a lot of overlap between this CD and the one I made for halloween. The halloween one had way more songs about ghosts.)

Part III: Death By Dystopia 
(Yeah, you don't die from dystopia so much as live under some kind of futuristic totalitarian regime. I was going for, you know, repetition or whatever.)
5. Clones (We're All) by Alice Cooper
(I went through a long and thorough Alice Cooper phase in high school. This song was my favorite for several months, mostly because I love when bands put out songs that have little in common their usual style.)
6. 1984 by David Bowie

Part IV: Intermission
7. Tapestry from an Asteroid by Sun Ra
(This is a futuristic-style instrumental jazz piece from 1961 by an eccentric guy who is convinced that - among other fascinating worldviews - he was abducted by aliens and taken to Saturn. Not post-apocalyptic, really, but rather interesting.)

Part V: Death By Unspecified Disaster
8. London Calling by the Clash
9. Panic by the Smiths
10. 1999 by Prince
11. Wave of Mutilation

Part VI: Survival
12. We Will Become Silhouettes by the Shins
(This is actually a cover of a song by the Postal Service. The only other Postal Service song I know is "Such Great Heights." Which I only know because my freshman roommate introduced me to the Iron and Wine cover of it. Both these songs are actually B-sides to the original Such Great Heights single. According to Wikipedia, at least.)

Part VII: Aftermath
13. Nothing But Flowers by Talking Heads

You like? Thoughts?