Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where I am living now.

I’m taking two online classes this semester. One seems pretty awesome and one seems like it will be kind of weird. In that almost every person in it (except for myself) has mentioned that they are married and have kids (seriously, around 5 of them have mentioned they’re pregnant) and are going for a degree that they stopped offering this year and I haven’t heard of. Also whenever I make a joke they don’t realize I’m joking, which is a bit frustrating for such a ridiculous person as myself. And they say things like "I look forward to interacting with you in the future," and honestly, who talks like that?
But the awesome class looks fairly interesting. Perhaps a tad dry at times, as it is about social legislation and the like, but overall fascinating. I was just working on it now. I have a 20-page research paper due in a few months about the Social Security Act of 1935, so I was reading the Social Security Act of 1935. But then that started giving me a headache, so I decided that it would be less headachy to read the summary on Wikipedia. But then I decided it would be much less headachy to update my blog.

I will now proceed to take you on a photographic tour of my dorm room. That sounds exciting, doesn’t it? I’m in the same dorm as last year, but this particular room we’re in is laid out differently than my previous one. Flipped, like  mirror. It also seems a bit larger, but I think that’s just because we have yet to put in any comfortable chairs/coach/futon/what have you.

Here is my desk, where I am currently writing this.

It is messy, yes. I was doing homework just before I decided to take the picture, which tends to clutter things up a great deal.
In this picture you can see both my roommates’ desks. And even catch a glimpse of Loren’s arm.
The piece(s) of paper taped to the wall (which may be too faint to make out) contain everything that will be due this semester in my online classes.

Now we move to the dressers. One thing I love about Gillenwater is the amount of space we’re given to store things. Yes, it’s a two-person dorm with three people living in it, but we each get four huge drawers. This is my side of it:

I share a closet with Christie. This is part of my side:

Ok, now check out these lights. I’m incredibly proud:

I made those! (Well, not the lights themselves; that takes advanced electrical training that I do not possess.) But check out the egg carton flowers. Nice.

Here’s our tiny kichen:

I decided against taking a picture of my bathroom because there's not much more than a toilet, which I'm sure you've seen before.

And here’s my bed. I made it just for you.

I’m also in the picture, because I’m having a pretty good hair day that would be a shame to waste. (Although the goodness of my hair doesn’t translate to Photo Booth very well.)

Finally, here’s our view from the bedroom. It will be much more attractive when the construction is done.


And one more side note: I’m going to read the entire New Testament by my 21st birthday. I’m reading it in the Message version because I haven’t done so before. And I’m announcing it here because I’m generally awful at following through with plans that involve any sort of discipline.

As we’re (I’m) in a picture mood, here’s a partial screenshot of the schedule I created for myself. (It’s basically just a Read-The-New-Testament-In-Six-Months plan, partially tweaked because my birthday is around 9 days short of 6 months.)

(The "J" stands for "January.")

On a partially related note, we learned how to make screenshots on PCs during my last computer class. We also learned how to make folders and save files in them. Seriously. 


  1. Well, I must say you have a pretty tight schedule :) And, yeah, Photo Booth is just not for great pics, still you have a great hair on that one.

  2. You are a delightful woman. Thanks for the virtual tour!

  3. Great post. I look forward to future interactions with you.