Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Letter to Blogspot

Hi honey, I'm back.

A little under two months ago I left you for tumblr.

I said it was because I was "irritated" by your format and that I "outgrew" you. Those were all lies - to you, to the public, to myself. The truth is I was dazzled by tumblr's beguiling coolness. I would probably say that tumblr is a whore, except I'm worried that my parents and/or people in my small group who look up to me might read it. But frankly, I was seduced. I was led to believe that, as tumblr is younger than you it must be prettier and better than you.

I was wrong to leave. Tumblr just isn't right for me. You are. You and me? We're blog-format soulmates.

I'm so sorry for straying. I will attempt to remain faithful. Let's never fight again.


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