Tuesday, March 1, 2011

blueberry, rasberry && strawberry XD L0L

Every six to eight weeks or so I get a facebook message like this:

Someone proposed that we GIRLS do something special on Facebook to help with Breast Cancer Awareness. Its easy, and Id like you to join us to help it spread. Last year it was about writing the color of the bra that your were wearing in your Fb status and it left men wondering for days why the girls had random colors as their status. This year it has to do with your relationship status. You will state where you are, by posting one of the codes below. Remember -don't reply to this message just type your 1 word response in your status box on your profile. Then cut and paste this whole message into a new message and send it along to your female friends.... Blueberry: Im single Pineapple its complicated Raspberry: Im a touch and go woman Apple: Engaged Cherry: In a relationship Banana: Im married Avocado: Im the "other one" Strawberry: Cant find the right one Lemon: Wish i was single Grape: wants to get married. The bra game reached TV, lets get this one to do the same, and show everyone how powerful women are

This would be an example of my compulsive
need to pepper blog posts with pictures, even
if they're overused stock images from Google.
I’ve received this one twice now. Usually I will either ignore it, or sarcastically post something on facebook, only to realize whatever I said was neither funny nor grammatically correct, and then delete it. (I actually do that with a lot of things.)

Then I though hey, what’s the point of having a blog if I can’t get overly incensed by meaningless things? And here we are.

Firstly: This is for Breast Cancer Awareness. These are always for breast cancer awareness. To the point that it loses all meaning. To the point that whenever I see this I echo a sentiment that someone once shared with me: Geez, another one? For crying out loud, I’m aware.

I think breast cancer awareness is a noble cause. Breast cancer is a terrible disease that, according to the CDC kills over 40,000 women a year. I know people who have battled with breast cancer. And a few women who I totally look up to managed to raise several thousand dollars each so that they could put on some ridiculous (or "cute") bunny ears and walk 60 miles to end breast cancer.

Mommy's the second from the left. 
But this isn’t really about breast cancer awareness, is it?

No, you say it in the last sentence of the message: let’s “show everyone how powerful women are.” Part of you wants to raise breast cancer awareness with little to no effort, but mostly you want to feel exclusionary. You’re in on a secret. You’re part of a club.

Also, the messages are very rarely grammatically correct. I myself am not always grammatically correct. I often get a bit too enthusiastic about commas. But this message is not even bothering to put include apostrophes where necessary. It can’t be bothered to end the message with any sort of punctuation. It can’t even divide the paragraph into easy-to-read chunks, putting each fruit and corresponding meaning on separate lines? It’d flow much better that way!

Much like how stock photos of berries
break up sections of text quite nicely.

And finally: I feel this would be much more appropriate on MySpace. When you post things like this you’re acting like you’re in junior high. I was an idiot in junior high. (I’m still an idiot, but a different kind. And now it’s part of my charm, arguably.) I was all over every single MySpace bulletin trend. If you’re actually in junior high, continue doing these things by all means. I'm not sure why you'd describe yourself as a "touch and go woman" - I'm not entirely sure what that means - but you're welcome to it. However, if your frontal lobes have developed, please stop it.

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