Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Famous faces. Faces that are famous.

I have pondered over whether or not to apologize for not blogging in such a long time. On one hand, I feel the need to mention it. On the other, I've traditionally refrained from blogging during my busy and exciting summers. Furthermore, the majority of the people who read my blog are my parents. They do not need to be updated on my daily life, as they currently witness it first hand.

Before I begin my actual blog post, let us observe a moment of silence. The bald eagle I saw nearly every day to and from work has recently been hit by a bus and killed. The eagle, whom I believe I named Fred (though I cannot fully remember) was an extremely pleasant addition to my commute.

Now then:

I was writing an email to my lovely friend Emily, who is soon moving to China with her brand new husband. (Not brand new in an assembly line kind of way. I'm trying to inform you that they're newlyweds. They're also, incidentally, delightful.)  She's getting her wisdom teeth out this week. This news forced me to reminisce on my wisdom teeth surgery. I get the actual procedure confused with others, as I've had more than my fair share of dental surgery. I mainly remember it because it was the very first time that someone told me that I resembled a celebrity. 

A dental hygienist or surgery assistant or someone woke me up. As she was doing so she mentioned that I looked like "that actress, Robin something, from the movie The Craft." I had absolutely no idea who she was talking about, but I was thrilled. At the time I had extremely poor self image and was chronically awkward. (These days I have moderately poor self image and am endearingly awkward. It's similar, except the descriptive words are more positive.) I looked up The Craft and found that the actress Robin Tunney was quite pretty. (Quite prettier than me, but such is the nature of these these comparisons. Them hollywood folk tend to be better looking than mere mortals.) 

Here's her picture, to save you a google search:
There are some very obvious differences: She has big green eyes; I have tiny brown eyes. I had braces and acne; she's a famous movie star. But our hair is brown, so there's that. 

Incidentally, my BFF Alissa Chambers was often told she looked like Neave Campbell, who was also in The Craft.
It's  like looking in a mirror.

The next celebrity I've been told I look like is TV's Emily Deschanel, of Bones fame. If anything, this was even more exciting. Not only is Emily Deschanel way more attractive than me, BUT I also actually watch Bones. 

Obligatory picture for your convenience.

Once again, I don't really see much resemblance. But I'm totally flattered.
Finally, I've been told I look like beloved and talented author F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

That one I can see. (Probably mainly because he's my favorite.)

I got to thinking: The people I "look" like somewhat resemble one another, but to no great extent. What if I could somehow combine the three of them? I wonder if their collective baby would resemble me?
Luckily, the good people at MorphThing have my back.

You will notice that it looks nothing like me at all.

If I were one to count on people reading my blog, I would end with the questions:

Has anyone told you that you look like a celebrity? Who was it? What did you think? Have you used face morphing technology to explore this further?

But nothing is sadder than ending with a question and receiving no answers.

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  1. My celebrity look a likes all made me sad :-).

    Enjoyed the read. You are smart, cleaver and much prettier than Bones (and probably smarter than her as her "smart talk" was all written for her.