Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Future is Now!

Earlier today I idly considered how I had not posted anything here for quite a while. I searched my mind for something to talk about, with no avail. I figured that in the near future I might sit myself down and force myself to write something. I didn’t want to merely write a post detailing what I’ve been doing – that wouldn’t be very interesting, and this is not a journal – but I thought I might be able to write about nothing long enough to post it on my blog.

Then I stepped into Christie Rosenkranz’s local neighborhood Jack in the Box and beheld what promises to be the single greatest invention heretofore invented by humans.

Let me back up.

I recently realized that I hadn’t been by myself since finals. I’ve had a blast. I went camping and had the opportunity to observe several of my friends in their native habitats. But as an introvert, I very much need some time to myself to recharge and recollect my thoughts. The constant contact with humans, while enjoyable, was draining me. So when Christie mentioned that she had a commitment this evening, I jumped at the chance to have some introvert time.

I was dropped off at Starbucks and spent a short amount of time there before finding out that this particular store closed abnormally early. I walked to a nearby Jack in the Box, hoping they would have WiFi. They did. And they had the Freestyle: a soda machine that is better than other soda machines.

When you put it that way, it doesn’t sound too terribly revolutionary. But seriously, it is the soda machine of the future. By which I mean, if you do a Google search for soda machine of the future, the Freestyle is every single result.  

When doing that search, I found out that the machine came out in 2009, so I’m three years late to this party. But hey, I don’t go inside fast food restaurants very often, and we don’t really have fancy things in Flagstaff.

It’s basically a soda machine consolidated into one nozzle with different flavorings, so you can customize your beverages; I am convinced that beverages require customization. And it has a Wikipedia page. And there’s a touchscreen.

At this point in this post, you are likely wondering what flavor combinations I tried. I am glad you asked. I started with Diet Dr. Pepper with cherry:

Then Coke with raspberry and lime:


And Sprite with Peach, of which I was less fond:

And a nostalgic-tasting rootbeer and vanilla:


It was a beautiful experience. Even Warren Buffet likes it. Look at his determination and delight!

Another cool thing I discovered today was that Christie’s microwave looks like an oven.

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  1. hahhahahha Reminds me of a puppy's first time in the back yard. lol