Friday, September 21, 2012

Thoughts on an ad from the side of my facebook news feed.

  • Am I supposed to be the birthmother or the adopter?
  • Wait, do you think I'm pregnant right now and you know that from my relationship status that I'm unlikely to want to keep it?
  • What on earth is in my internet history that makes me look like a pregnant lady? 
  • Is it because I keep looking up inspiration for Baby Shower cards? Because traditionally expectant mothers don't make themselves baby shower cards.
  • On a side note: Something like five (?) couples from my Redmond church are having/recently had little tiny babies. Perhaps facebook is gathering information of my friends and translating it to a single college girl context.
    • Related: Those Creekside folks are really good at naming babies.

  • Hahahahahaha. Doody.

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